There's no denying security is important, both to you and to your customers. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) keeps websites secure by encrypting communication between your customer's browser and your server. Here's how we can keep your site secure with SSLs.
Browser Recognition
2048 Bit
CA certificate
256 Bit
Encryption Level

Benefits of Alpha SSL

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Better Security

Alpha SSL certificates are chained root certificates, which means they offer more security than single root certificates because they require an intermediate certificate to be installed.
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Secures Multiple Subdomains

With regular Alpha SSL, you can secure "" and "", while our Wildcard SSL certificate allows you to secure all your subdomains.
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Meets NIST Recommendations

Alpha SSL certificates meet the National Institute of Standards & Technology's recommendation to use 2048 bit keys.
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Fast Issuance

Alpha SSL has a fully automated validation process to verify your domain name and issue your SSL certificate to you within 24 hours.
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99% Browser Recognition

Alpha SSL Certificates are recognized by all popular browsers.
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Mobile Support

Alpha SSL Certificates are recognized by all popular mobile devices.

Alpha SSL vs Wildcard SSL

Choose your SSL
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Alpha SSL

Only $16.99/yr
Increase confidence in your website and trust with your customers by ensuring their data is encrypted and secure. Alpha SSL is owned by GlobalSign, the second oldest Certificate Authority in existence, and their SSL certificates are recognized by 99% of browsers and mobile devices.
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Wildcard SSL

Only $80/yr
An easy and efficient way to keep your domains and subdomains secure. Wildcard SSL certificates allow you to secure all subdomains with a single certificate, ideal if your website uses multiple subdomains beyond the typical www and if you share an IP address across your sites.
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